Zacherle in Germany

Although the family originates in Germany there are only about four dozen people left here. Until now I was able to compose two family trees of them - my own and another one - and I have the strong feeling that we are all related. Only three single Zacherle's that I found in the phone book are not part of these two trees. One of those - an elderly woman - was not interested in family business, but I hope to add them all in my trees later on.

Concerning my own direct family, my grandmother lives in Augsburg (Bavaria). My parents have their home in Östringen (Baden), and my brother Christian + wife Natascha + son Lucca live near Heidelberg (Baden). Maybe I'm going to add some pictures here sometime. There is also some aunts and uncles (for example Dieter) in Kempten (Bavaria), together with their families. I got to know them only three or four years ago and am very happy whenever we see each other, which is not as often as I want it to be.

I cannot say a lot about the other family tree. There are about sixty people on the other tree, but unfortunately it does only reach back in time for about 150 years. On the other hand, this means that there should be enough data available in the church records and in governemental archives. Given time, it should be possible to include that tree to my own.