Zacherle in Austria

The oldest data

The oldest reference to someone with the name Zacherle is a christening record of Anna Maria Zacherle, who was christened in may 1574 in Brixen im Thale, Tirolia, Austria.

Sebastian - a hungarian reference

At a hungarian homepage I found a document about a Sebastian Zacherle. The hungarian original is:

Tulajdonosa Sebastian Zacherle, löcsei polgár. Hain krónikája szerint bécsi származású kereskedö volt, és négy alkalommal viselt tanácsosi tisztet. Elöször 1641-ben. Ekkor a “Wagherr” feladatait látja el, 1645-ben pedig “Scheierherr”. Ez év február 11-én Löcse követe az erdélyi fejedelem elött, de leánya közelgö esküvöje miatt hamarosan leváltják. Novemberben bizonyos adóügyek miatt már ismét Kassára küldik. 1646-ban újra tanácsos, júniusban pedig megválasztják lövészmesternek. Ezen tisztségröl 1647 júniusában lemond. (Hain, 197., 208-209., 211-213., 233., 378,)

The english translation is:

Sebastian Zacherle, citizen of Löcse, was according to the chronicle of Hain a merchant from Vienna and acted on four occasions as an envoy. The first time 1641. At that time he granted the tasks of “Wagherr”. But in 1645 for “Scheierherr”. In that year, on february 11, Löcse entrusted him with going to Transsylvania. But because of the wedding of his daughter he returned prematurely. In November he was sent to Kassár because of tax issues. In 1646 he acted as an envoy, but in June he was appointed marksman. To act decently he returned this duty in June 1647. (Hain, 197., 208-209., 211-213., 233., 378,)

Unfortunately I do not have any more information about that. Currently I am looking for this “chronicle of Hain”. I found that there is a german translation, but this one seems only to be an excerpt of the original, hungarian edition.

Franz, the painter

Picture of the Pygmalion by Franz

Franz Zacherle was a painter, coming from Hall in Tirolia. In 1772 he was accepted as a member of the academy. His masterpiece is Pygmalion, falling in love with his own statue. In the "Garten zu Hietzing" near Schönbrunn there are marble statues made by him. He died around 1790.

"Garten zu Hietzing"

Pygmalion by Franz Zacherle Garten zu Hietzing

The innkeeper

In 1778 there was a member of the Zacherle family working as an innkeeper (Sternwirt) near a mill called "Breimül". More then a century later a german Zacherle was innkeeper in Dietenheim - strange coincidence. And of course there's Nile, the wine and beer maker...

The Soldier

In a series of books called Militär-Schematismus des Österreichischen Kaiserthums (Military Schematism of the Austrian Empire) I found two references in the 1828 and 1830 edition concerning Wilhelm Zacherle who was Lieutenant Second Class in 1828 and Lieutenant First Class in 1830 in the 41st Galicia Infantry Regiment of the empirial austrian army.

Recent data

I found three entries of Zacherle's in the austrian yellow pages. It seems that all three people live close to each other. Unfortunately, I did not (yet) have time to get in contact with them. This definitely is on my "To-Do-List", too!

Timeline of Zacherle in Austria

I've put together a timeline of important and/or interesting dates that involve austrian Zacherle. It seems as if our family has been there for quite a while, although I don't know if all these events really belong to the same family.

Timeline of Zacherle in Austria
1574Zacherle, Anna MariaChristianing in Brixen im Thale in Tirolia. Her father is Georg Zacherle. Latter Day Saints, IGI Index
1598Zacherle, UrbanHe gets his own coat of arms. He was a judge in the city of Bruneck and is now a city barrister in Brixen.Fischnaler list of Coat of Arms
1626Zacherle, SebastianHe gets his own coat of arms from the archduke Leopold V in the city of Innsbruck. He's the son of Urban. Fischnaler list of Coat of Arms
1641Zacherle, SebastianOriginating from Vienna, he now lives as a merchant in LöcseChronicles of Hain
1651Zacherle, SebastianHe is dead.Magyarországi Magánkönyvtárak II, 1588-1721
1731, 1732Diverse ZacherleThe names appear in the Salzburg Expulsion List Diverse, i.e. Mail in the Exulanten-L mailing list July 05, 2005
1772Zacherle, FranzHe, as a painter coming from Hall/Tirolia, gets accepted as a member of the academy in Vienna.Georg Kaspar Nagler: "Neues allgemeines Künstlerlexicon"
1778Zacherle As the innkeper of the "Star", he is mentioned as the abutter of the "Breimül" "Archiv für Österreichische Geschichte", 1848
1828Zacherle, ThomasAs the abbot of Viecht, he gets his coat of arms Fischnaler list of Coat of Arms
1828, 1830Zacherle, Wilhelm Serves in the 41st Galicia Infantry Regiment of the empirial austrian army "Militär-Schematismus des Österreichischen Kaiserthums"

And then there's the "Coat of Arms" thing, of course!